Making it count: This is just the beginning

Making it count: This is just the beginning
Radical Independent

The Radical Independent Conference saw the length and breadth of the progressive pro-independence movement gather in Glasgow, with over 800 delegates travelling from  across the country to attend. Video recordings of the conference sessions will be available online soon, while reports and analysis of the conference have been compiled by Pat Kane on Bella Caledonia, Robin McAlpine on the Reid Foundation site, and Aidan Kerr blogging for National Collective & George Kerevan on Newsnet Scotland, amongst others.


The following text was distributed at the conference, putting forward a basic plan for the Radical Independence Campaign over the coming months.


The conference can be the start of something bigger: a campaign that will strive to ensure a radical vision of a new Scotland under independence is heard loud and clear in the referendum debate.


 We are:


For a Green and environmentally sustainable economy
Internationalist and opposed to Trident, war and Nato
For a social alternative to cuts, inequality, austerity and privatisation
For a modern republic and real democracy
Committed to equality and opposition to discrimination on grounds of gender, race, disability or sexuality
The campaign belongs to everyone who holds a radical vision of an Independent Scotland.


A movement of movements


Local Groups


Anyone can set up a group.  They will have complete autonomy over campaigning, meetings, and forums etc. 


These groups could be started as city wide groups but then diversified into local areas of the city and could also involve setting up university and college groups.  


Space on the website will be made available for local areas to advertise their meetings and events and provide contact details for people who would like to be involved. 


National Co-ordination 


In order that we are able to discuss national initiatives and have the broadest possible input from various groups, individuals and organisations, there will be national facilitating meetings to help co-ordinate our work. 


Your Input 


This is just the start, and as such it is impossible to discuss everything in one day. We want all your ideas about how we can take things forward, and how best to maximise a radical voice in the coming years. If you have a proposal then don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Upcoming Events


As well as the initiatives drawn from the workshops there are some important actions and events which we can get involved in helping to organise for 2013: 


No Nukes in Scotland: Shut down Trident


The No to Nato Coalition and Scottish CND have called for a national day of action against Trident nuclear weapons to take place in Spring 2013. Let’s make this the biggest demonstration at Faslane that we have ever seen. From everyone in the independence movement to the whole peace movement: let’s shut down Trident.  


Radical Independence Roadshow 


A speaking and film-showing tour that brings our discussion to the entire country and to every town and city to take place in early 2014 in coordination with local groups that get set up in the coming months.


Support for the 2013 Independence Demonstration 


After the success of the Independence demonstration in Edinburgh this year, the 2013 event could be even bigger. Let’s organise open planning meetings to make this demonstration unforgettable.  


Conference 2013 


Radical Independence will hold another conference in 2013, to assess the situation, review our work and continue developing radical ideas for an Independent Scotland.