Local Social Economy Partnerships background

Local Social Economy Partnerships background


From the Futurebuilders Scotland document, August 2004


Social Economy Action Plan

July 2004



29.        Support for the social economy has traditionally been seen as the province of specialist agencies.  The inclusion of the social economy within the Enterprise Networks’ business service priorities, and Communities Scotland’s mainstreaming of its social economy work across the range of its activities, will add to the level of support available.  But research indicates that social economy organisations access support from a much wider range of sources, including the private sector, local authorities, trade and sector bodies, and colleague organisations.  We will build on this, to ensure the right support is available and accessible to the right organisations, through the establishment of new local social economy partnerships.


30.        We expect these partnerships, building on, and learning from, work already underway in the Highlands and Islands, Lanarkshire, Dunbartonshire and the south of Scotland, to agree a remit covering the full breadth of social economic activity, including improving co-ordination across partner activity; strengthening the range of locally-available support and filling gaps; helping to unlock local market opportunities; and strengthening local arrangements. Some partnerships already exist, but where they do not Communities Scotland area offices will have a leading role in helping to establish new local partnership arrangements. The subsequent allocation of tasks and responsibilities within each partnership will be for its constituent members to determine.