Local labour force planned

Local labour force planned
The Berwick Advertiser

A Berwick councillor is looking for experienced workers that could form a social enterprise board of management.

Councillor Brian Douglas believes local skills are being lost following the demise of the Pringle knitwear factory more than a decade ago.

He said: “The production of quality goods and textile manufacturing is returning to Great Britain from China and Asia. Now would seem to be the correct time for a small development in Berwick to take forward an opportunity to create local labour.

“Having been in contact with a national branded company I was a little surprised that they were not aware of the skills available in Berwick and although I had previously considered the prospects of harnessing the qualities of the local workforce, I am convinced that once the seeds are sown an enterprising unit can succeed in Berwick.”

Anyone who could assist in taking the project forward should e-mail briandouglas260@btinternet.com or phone 01289 302851.