Live UnLtd awards programme – open for applications from 11-21 year olds!

 Live UnLtd awards programme –  open for applications from 11-21 year olds!


Live UnLtd provides young people aged 11-21 with the opportunity to create positive change in their communities while developing their own skills and widening their experience. Individuals or small informal groups can apply for cash awards combined with non-financial support to help them develop ideas or enterprises which have a beneficial social impact on their community. 


Successful applicants aged 11-15 may receive up to £500 and those aged 16-21 up to £5000.  Non-financial support may include things such as budgeting advice, networking opportunities and working with volunteers.


All applicants under 18 years of age will need parental consent to undertake their project and a designated advisor to support them with the development and running of their project should their application be successful.


There’s much more information on the Live UnLtd website:  The FAQ section is particularly helpful and enquiries and applications can be made online.  If you live in Scotland and would like further information on the Live UnLtd programme once you’ve visited the website, please contact Gina Headden on 0131 220 0511 or e-mail her here