Live Q&A: Social enterprise in sport, 27 July, 12-2pm BST

Live Q&A: Social enterprise in sport, 27 July, 12-2pm BST
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It’s been another action-packed summer of British sport. We’ve had penalty heartache at Euro 2012, Murray mania at Wimbledon and now the Olympics are almost upon us.


But what opportunities are there in sport for social enterprise? Recently, we’ve heard all about the activities of GLL behind the scenes of the Olympics and caught up on the latest efforts to promote fan ownership in football.


Join us on Friday 27 July to ask our experts about how your social enterprise can flourish in the world of sport. We’ll take a look at how social enterprise can:


• use sport to connect with young people.
• help to transform disadvantaged communities.
• learn from the success of others in this field.


In addition to the links above, check out the following articles for further reading ahead of the live Q&A:


• Would your football club be better run as a co-operative?
Can 2012 deliver the world’s first social enterprise square mile?
Eyes on the Olympic prize: ambitions of a water aid social enterprise


Do get in touch if you’d like to be a panellist – email Joe Jervis for more details.


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