Letter from Smith Commission on devolving further powers to the Scottish Parliament

Letter from Smith Commission on devolving further powers to the Scottish Parliament
Smith Commission


Mr Martin Sime
Chief Executive, SCVO
Mansfield Traquair Centre
15 Mansfield Place
Edinburgh EH3 6BB



Dear Martin,


Thank you for your time earlier this week to discuss the Commission. I wanted to follow up our discussion with some further detail on my request for you to feed into our work.


As you know I have been asked to lead a process through which Heads of Agreement are reached on the devolution of further powers to the Scottish Parliament, within the UK. I will submit my report on 30 November 2014. 


I am simultaneously engaging with three groups: political parties, Scottish civic institutions such as yours, and the Scottish public.


It is critical that the views of your organisation and the people you represent are heard in this discussion. To that end I would encourage you to submit your thoughts to me by 5pm on Friday 31 


I would encourage you to do what you can in the time available to canvass the views of your members or the individuals you represent. I appreciate the timing is tight but it is imperative that we stick to our timetable. I know you will be assisted by the work you have already completed, and in some cases published, in the run up to the referendum. However, I know that you will want to reflect on that work in the context of the referendum campaign and outcome.


It is my intention to conduct our work transparently and I therefore intend to publish submissions from all organisations on the Commission’s website shortly after the deadline. If you would like to discuss anything in this letter, please contact the secretariat on Secretariat@smith-commission.scot or by phone on 0330 123 2153.


I would also like to engage directly with you throughout the process and attend any discussions or events you are planning, in a listening capacity, where I can. Please alert the secretariat to any such opportunity. 


If I don’t see or speak to you before, I look forward to receiving your response.


Kind regards


Yours sincerely


Lord Smith of Kelvin KT