Key messages for Mark holders

Key messages for Mark holders

The national launch of the Social Enterprise Mark has now been confirmed.  This unique celebration will be held at Voice10, which will take place in Cardiff on 1-2 Feb 2010.

This is a change from our original plan to launch next month on Social Enterprise Day. By waiting the few weeks extra until Voice, we hope to encourage more people to sign up to the mark and to participate in the launch, as well as generate more publicity for the event. Mark holders  will be central to the festivities and publicity, so we will be in touch about how to be involved in this exciting opportunity.

This fantastic news means that there will be a larger number of Mark holders that can be a part of the launch, if they successfully apply by 6th January.  It also means that there will be higher levels of national and local publicity, from which you will benefit, as the profile of the Mark grows significantly.

The new logo is embargoed until the launch and must not be visible in the public domain.  However, the new logo and branding guidelines will be available only to Mark holders in January, to help you prepare your own publicity for the launch, but it will still be strictly embargoed until Voice 10.