Keep it Local

Keep it Local
We’re delighted to be launching our Keep it Local campaign today. 

Keep it Local is based on the experience of our members and aims to transform policy, practice and behaviours so that we get the public services everyone deserves. 

It’s a new and more publicly-focused approach for Locality, and it is based on our ground breaking joint report with Vanguard, Saving money by doing the right thing, which we published last year.

Many of our public services are failing us because of the way contracts are given to large outsourcing organisations, meaning that services become distant from the communities they serve and only offer one-size-fits-all solutions which don’t provide the support people actually need. We waste huge amounts of precious public money as people become tied up in a system of assessments, repeat referrals and entry thresholds rather than being listened to and supported in a way that helps them.

Many of the dedicated people in public services are spending their time as gate keepers and assessors rather than using their skills to provide this support.
Giving people what they need when they need it 

There is a better way, and our members show us that it can be done. Community-focused services delivered at a local level give people what they actually need, when they need it. Instead of spending thousands of pounds telling people all the reasons why they can’t access a service – that they don’t have enough of a problem, that they aren’t ill enough, that they don’t yet fit the criteria for crisis intervention – they see individuals and families who are their neighbours and friends and who need help. 

We know that these concerns are shared by many people concerned about the quality of care available for themselves, for their older relatives, for their children and for their neighbours who need help at points in their lives. We commissioned YouGov to undertake a poll so that we could understand these concerns more fully and found some very powerful results: 

Nearly 60% of the public had experienced problems using public services
 72% of the public agreed that public services should be run and delivered by locally based organisations
78% do not want their local public services to be run for private profit
58% would support an increase in council tax for higher quality public services

Read more in our new Keep it Local report.

With the general election now just a few short weeks away, there’s a huge debate in progress on what kind of public services we want to see – what they focus on and how they can be paid for. Locality wants to see this debate include the value of community-focused and locally-delivered services so that we can all experience better services and raise awareness of the problems in the current system and how we can find a better way.  


Pledge your support

We need you to help us make a difference. We’re asking you to pledge your support for the campaign and also that you ask your parliamentary candidates to support local services. It’s the starting point in our campaign, aimed at raising awareness and getting political support and it will continue beyond the election as we seek improvements in policy and practice around service delivery and commissioning and procurement.

We will keep you up-to-date with developments as the campaign develops, but for now we need your help to get local services on the political agenda.  


Tony Armstrong,
Locality CEO