Kaleyard’s Community Work

Kaleyard held two classes with Community Connectors (of the Glasgow Council Voluntary Sector) who are a free and confidential service, connecting older people and their carers to local services, facilities and activities, and providing them with tailored and informed support. As combating social isolation is one of Kaleyard’s main goals, we provided free cooking classes to groups of older ladies, allowing them to share stories, try new things, and have a bite together at the end. We finished off our class on 17th June with an all-male group, ranging in age from 55-95.

Continuing on from May, Kaleyard will finish off their ‘Family Cooking: Nourish to Flourish’ 4-class programme with Corpus Christi Primary School at the end of the month. We got both parents and children cooking together, learning simple and healthy recipes that they can then try at home.