Just Banking Seminar

Just Banking Seminar
Friends of the Earth Scotland and the University of Edinburgh Economics Society

Want to hear radical proposals for transforming the banking sector into one that serves the interests of society, supporting, rather than undermining social justice and sustainability? Join us for the Just Banking seminar and panel discussion with the Bank of England’s Adam Posen, campaigner and crash-predictor Ann Pettifor, and radical economists Prof Richard Werner and Tony Greenham.

Thursday 19th April, 6pm
University of Edinburgh’s George Square Lecture Theatre

How can we handle banking crises without burdening the taxpayer, or better still, avoid them altogether? How can we increase the bank finance available for the real economy, and decrease the amount pumped into asset price bubbles? How can we make high street banks responsive to local needs, including financially excluded groups and small businesses? This event is part of a larger conference about transforming the banking sector, and is bringing together leading economists and campaigners to address these urgent questions.

On Friday the 20th April the University of Edinburgh Business School will host a full day of presentations and seminars with thought-leaders from the UK and beyond. More information and booking at: www.justbanking.org.uk

The talk and conference have been organised by Friends of the Earth Scotland and the University of Edinburgh Economics Society, in partnership with Christian Aid, the New Economics Foundation, the Scottish Trade Union Congress, the World Development Movement and Unison.

It is for any policy makers, economists, trade unionists, environmentalists, campaigners, bankers and individuals with an interest in transforming our banking system, so that it supports, rather than undermines, the goals of social and environmental justice.