Jura Community Business Ltd

May 2020

Jura Community Business Ltd is a community owned social enterprise which was established to secure the sustainability of the islands fuel filling station in 1997 in recognition of the essential nature of access to fuel for the sustainability of the island.  The social enterprise has operated the islands only fuel filling station for the past 20 years.  Changes to legislation resulted in the need to reduce the operating hours of the fuel filling station, which was previously operated on an unmanned basis 13 hours per day.  The turnover from fuel sales would not cover staffing costs and so the short term solution has been to operate the filling station with volunteer cover.

Jura Community Business devised an innovation response to this issue, ensuring extended  hours of operation, but also addressing a wider community and economic need for the island, utilising the community land asset they already own by developing business workshop space on the land adjacent to the fuel filling station. There are now

The new business units cost circa £340k with investment from Leader and Highlands and Islands Enterprise.  Some delays in completion meant the project costs were increased and thus additional loan funding was required.  The business units ensure the sustainability of access to fuel sales on the island which in turn is a key determinant for local people having access to essential services and the sustainability of the island as a whole.  The development also provides the opportunity for ongoing economic growth on the remote rural island.