‘Joined up’ regulation for charities

‘Joined up’ regulation for charities





Charity Commission and Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator sign Memorandum of Understanding 


A new way of working has been agreed and signed between the two charity regulators – OSCR, the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, and the Charity Commission for England and Wales, which will help to avoid regulation overlap.


The agreement will ensure greater consistency and co-operation between the two UK charity regulators and fits in with the wider agenda to modernise the regulation of charities across Scotland, England and Wales.


Chief Executive of the Charity Commission, Andrew Hind, said: ‘Duplication of regulation has become a hot topic in the charitable sector over the past year and we’re delighted to announce this significant step towards a more modern, joined up regulation across Scotland England and Wales. We have put a very high priority on working in close cooperation with OSCR, since its formation in 2003 and are committed to building on a relationship which encourages and supports Britain’s growing charitable sector.’


Chief Executive of OSCR, Jane Ryder, said: ‘This agreement is another step forward in creating a modern transparent and vibrant framework for charities across the UK. Co-operation between our two organisations is vital to create a consistent and seamless regulatory regime that will not impose unnecessary burdens on charities operating in both jurisdictions. This practical co-operation is designed to complement new legislation in both jurisdictions.’


The aims of the agreement are to:


* Minimise the burden of regulation for those charities operating right across England, Scotland and Wales


* Consult and co-ordinate our interpretation and application of the relevant law and policy


* Share information and collaborate where a common regulatory approach is required;


* Pave the way for future co-operation, as charity law develops.


Source: Volresource