John Pearce Appeal – Social Enterprise Collection (Scotland)

John Pearce Appeal – Social Enterprise Collection (Scotland)
by Alan Tuffs and Alan Kay
May 2012
John Pearce’s archive of papers, documents and reports on the growth of Community Business, Community Enterprise and Social Accounting and Social Audit practice were handed over to Glasgow Caledonian University in August 2011.

As John said at the time,

“I am very pleased that the university has decided to establish a Social Enterprise Collection and that I have been able to donate my accumulation of papers, books and reports to get it started.  For me it is important that practitioners, students, researchers and others can access the materials which have helped shape the social enterprise movement since Ken Alexander launched the community co-operatives in the Western Isles back in 1976.  I am sure that, once the collection is established and organised, there will be other individuals and organisations willing to contribute materials to what I believe to be a unique resource in the UK.”

As you probably know John died just before Christmas and we have now set up an online opportunity for friends and colleagues, people and organisations to contribute towards the costs necessary to make this a world-class resource:

The collection neatly occupies 20 or more meters of shelving in the University Library but it is as yet largely un-sorted and certainly un-catalogued.  As a first step towards our shared ambition of making the material widely available and therefore of practical use it needs to be both sorted and catalogued. Our estimate of the cost of this is £30,000.

With great pleasure we can report that Glasgow Caledonian University has agreed to contribute £10,000 to the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health for the development of the Collection. This is a wonderful foundation on which to build our fundraising initiative.

By assembling a reasonable proportion of our target through contributions by people and organisations actively involved in the sector we feel that this symbol of the collective spirit of the Scottish Community and Social Enterprise world will demonstrate our belief in the importance of the archive to the major funders we need to interest and attract for the future development of this resource.

As a guide, we would suggest that larger organisations might consider donating sums of between £1,000 and £2,000 – individuals, as much as they think appropriate.

Cam Donaldson – who holds the Yunus Chair in Social Business and Health at the University and who is the Academic Champion of the Collection said:

“The Social Enterprise Collection provides GCU with a wonderful asset for exploring the history and context of social business and social enterprise in Scotland and is a great fit with our research priorities in these areas as well with our academic strengths in history and social policy. It will help both staff and students in their academic endeavours and we are honoured to have been chosen to host it.”
This letter is an appeal for contributions towards the remainder of that initial target of £30,000.  Please feel free to forward it and the flyer below to anyone that you think might remember the vital role that John played in the Community and Social Enterprise movement here in Scotland and across the world and be moved to contribute to the Social Enterprise Collection.  Likewise, please contact any of the CBS Network board members if you want to discuss any aspects of this.
Yours sincerely

Alan Tuffs and Alan Kay
On behalf of the directors and members of CBS Network