Community Development Worker: Anti-Poverty & Community Capacity Building

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Location: Fauldhouse, West Lothian
Category: Development
Type: Full-time
Salary: £23,946

This is an exciting new post, with substantial opportunities to develop and implement a new and diverse range of community-based projects, initiatives, activities, and events: Aimed at the relief and prevention of poverty, disadvantage, inequality, and exclusion.

The new post holder will be given the opportunity to assist and support Fauldhouse and Breich Valley Community Development Trust as it seeks to develop existing and create new community-based projects and initiatives.

The post holder will be based at the Eastfield Development Centre (EDC) The EDC is a community facility that F&BV CDT began leasing from West Lothian Council in May 2017. The process of transferring ownership of the building from West Lothian Council to F&BV CDT is well underway and is expected to be completed by Autumn 2020.

The Development Worker will work closely with the EDC Manager, the Centre Management Group, the F&BV CDT Board of Volunteer Trustees, Staff Team and Volunteers to develop a diverse programme of activities, projects, initiatives and events aimed at meeting the needs of local people, families and the wider community.

Responsible: To Eastfield Development Centre Manager

Responsible: For developing, implementing, and delivering community-based, projects, events, initiatives and activities: aimed at addressing poverty, inequality, disadvantage and exclusion

Fauldhouse and Breich Valley Community Development Trust

Fauldhouse and Breich Valley Community Development Trust (F&BV CDT) is a registered charity and a social enterprise which was set-up in 2006. It aims to address the needs, issues, concerns, and aspirations of our communities with a focus on the social, economic, physical, environmental health and well-being of these communities. F&BVCDT seeks to achieve this by implementing the following aims and outcome targets:

  • Developing programmes that seek to relieve poverty, address inequality and disadvantage and build community capacity: Primarily through sports, recreation, and leisure-based, healthy living activities
  • Advancing education and volunteering opportunities to promote learning and skills development
  • Promoting and protecting the well-being, recreation and physical health and well-being of our communities.
  • Assisting in the prevention of ill-health and the provision of health education and healthier individual, family and community-based projects within our communities.
Fauldhouse Community Development Trust works to provide support to individuals, families and communities who are affected by poverty, ill-health, social & economic exclusion, disadvantage. We (primarily, but not exclusively) work with those who are vulnerable or marginalised by promoting a person centred approach to community development and regeneration. FCDT empowers and enables individuals, families and communities to address their identified issues and concerns, to help them achieve their potential and sustain change in their lives, to improve the lives of their families and to address issues within their communities, to improve their communities.