Jean Urquhart MSP: Why I am speaking at RIC

Jean Urquhart MSP: Why I am speaking at RIC
Radical Independence

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to address the Radical Independence Conference on November 24th.

“Although the independence referendum has been brought forward by the politicians, it will be voted on by the people. No one politician has, or should have, a monopoly on what independence should look like or what it means, and that is why it is vital that a grassroots movement adds its voice to the Yes campaign.

“A new approach to the environment and the economy, a humane border policy that does not demonise immigrants, a written constitution incorporating an elected head of state and a nuclear-free Scotland are all possibilities that could be realised with independence.

“Scotland could become the world-leader in unilateral nuclear disarmament, in building a more inclusive and fairer society, in adopting new economics and delivering much more local democracy. To do that, we will need left-of-centre voters from all traditions – particularly those previously sceptical of the benefits of independence. To them I say, if you share these ambitions for a better country, you have to decide whether there’s a better chance of achieving them with a YES vote or a NO vote.

“We must move the conversation on from process to principle and from personality to policy, and I am sure that this Conference will be the first of many to do so.”

Jean Urquhart is an Independent MSP in the Highlands and Islands.  She resigned from the SNP over the pro-NATO vote.

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