Islington leads way in bid for equality in pay levels

Islington leads way in bid for equality in pay levels
Peter Dominiczak, London Evening Standard

A London council today became the first town hall in the capital to pledge that its highest-paid employee will earn no more that 10 times that of its lowest-paid worker.

Islington council was hailed by campaigners today as it became the first borough in the capital to tackle inequality in staff pay levels. The council has also committed to paying at least the London Living Wage of £8.30 an hour to all directly employed staff.

Islington’s chief executive Lesley Seary, who started the job in June, has already accepted a £50,000 cut in salary compared with the council’s previous chief executive.

Her salary is now £160,000, making her one of the lowest-paid local authority chief executives in London. Ms Seary said: "We are committed to tackling inequality in all its forms and putting money back in the pockets of our residents."

Green Party Assembly member Darren Johnson called on councils across London to follow Islington’s example.Mr Johnson said: "I really welcome this move towards more equal pay, which is setting an example that all councils and businesses in London should follow. Evidence shows that more equal societies are generally happier and healthier with less violent crime."