Isle of Scalpay Estate – Community Ownership: Feasibility Study

Isle of Scalpay Estate – Community Ownership: Feasibility Study

Brief for Consultants



The residents of Scalpay are currently considering whether or not to accept the recent offer of free community ownership of the Island provided by the current landlord, Fred Taylor.


The potential transfer of ownership of Scalpay would be the biggest “gifted” community acquisition of land in Scotland and in order to assist the community in determining the correct course of action for Scalpay, a feasibility study is required to identify the economic, social, environmental and future potential for the transfer and ownership of the land in order to identify whether or not community ownership, management and /or development of the estate will lead to positive outcomes for the community in terms of meeting identified community needs (see appendix ii for assessment of the needs of Scalpay)


The lead group responsible for commissioning this study is Scalpay Community Land Steering Group which is comprised of 13 island residents who live and work in and around the local community.


The steering group was elected at a public meeting and their initial objective is to provide a brief that will be used to commission consultants to carry out a feasibility study detailing all available options regarding community ownership and development of Scalpay.


The Steering Group is supported by Harris Development Ltd, a local community development organisation, who has assisted previous community land acquisitions in the Western Isles prior to this project.


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