Improving Health in Difficult times

Improving Health in Difficult times
Presentation by Harry Burns at the NHS Event, 08.06.10

Health Assets
A health asset is any factor or resource which enhances the ability of individuals, communities and populations to maintain their heralth and sustain wellbeing. The assets can operate…as protective and promoting factors to buffer against life’s stresses

Health Deficits approach
Focuses on problems, needs and deficiencies in a community such as deprivation, illness and health damaging behaviours. It designs services to fill the gaps and fix the problems. As a result, communities can feel disempowered. People become passive recipients of services rather than active agents in their own lives

The Asset Approach
• Identifies and makes viable the health assets in a community
• Sees citzens as co-producers of their own health rather than passive recipients of services
• Supports individuals health and wellbeing through enhancing skills for resilience, relationships, knowledge and self esteem
• Promotes community networks that can provide caring and empowerment

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