If Scotland were 100 people, they would be……

If Scotland were 100 people, they would be……


If you were to imagine Scotland as 100 people, who would they be?


Watch this special animation and find out about the gender breakdown, weekly pay rates, who is educated to degree level, and much much more.


Throughout this week BBC Scotland news will be looking at how equal or otherwise Scotland is.


In the coming days our business and economy editor, Douglas Fraser, will examine the issues of income and pay; pensions and savings; health and life expectancy and educational attainment



What if Scotland were 100 people? @BBCDouglasF compares income, wealth, health and education https://t.co/CnkzXUp1Z3 #UnequalScotland pic.twitter.com/ohSQ7bdm4u

— BBC Scotland News (@BBCScotlandNews) November 14, 2016