Hell and High Water: Climate Change, Hope and the Human Condition

Hell and High Water: Climate Change, Hope and the Human Condition
Alastair McIntosh

Climate change is the greatest challenge that the world has ever faced. In this groundbreaking new book, Alastair McIntosh summarises the science of what is happening to the planet – both globally and using Scotland as a local case study. He moves on, controversially, to suggest that politics alone is not enough to tackle the scale and depth of the problem. At root is our addictive consumer mentality. Wants have replaced needs and consumption drives our very identity. In a fascinating journey through early texts that speak to climate change – including the ancient Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, Plato’s myth of Atlantis, and Shakespeare’s Macbeth – McIntosh reveals the psychohistory of modern consumerism. He shows how we have fallen prey to a numbing culture of violence and the motivational manipulation of marketing. To start to resolve what has become of the human condition we must get more real in facing up to despair and death. Only then will we discover the spiritual meaning of these our troubled times. Only then can magic, new meaning, and all that gives life, bring hope to a broken world. 

‘In Hell and High Water Alastair McIntosh applies his sharp mind and rigorous ethics to the impending climate catastrophe. The results are thoughtful, incisive and emotionally powerful. Whatever our individual judgements about the inevitability of catastrophe, this analysis should give us all pause for thought. Planning for a post-catastrophe world cannot be postponed even while we work urgently to prevent the worst impacts of climate chaos.’ Duncan McLaren, Director of Friends of the Earth (Scotland).

Launches are in Glasgow, with Michael Russell MSP, Minister for the Environment in the Scottish Government, at 7 pm on Wednesday 25 June 2008 at the GalGael Trust, 15 Fairley Street, Ibrox, Glasgow, G51 2SN, and at 7.15 pm in Wordpower Bookshop, 43 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh. For other events including the Edinburgh International Book Festival, Falkland’s Big Tent, Edinburgh’s Festival of Spirituality and the Climate Camp (Kingsnorth), please see the 2008 column of the itinerary on my home page. If you wish to come to the Glasgow event it is essential that you email your name(s) with a request for place(s) to events@birlinn.co.uk .

More here http://www.alastairmcintosh.com/hellandhighwater.htm