Hebridean Chocolates to close

Hebridean Chocolates to close
Stornoway Gazette

The directors and management of Stornoway based Hebridean Chocolates regret to announce the closure of its production unit at Westview Terrace.

Staff have been consulted with, and will now enter a formal redundancy consultation process, in order to achieve the best possible employment alternatives available.

A Hebridean Chocolates spokesperson stated: “This unfortunate course of action has been decided upon as a result of previous and continuing trading difficulties. Every possible alternative to closure has been explored, but the unfortunate fact of the matter is that the trading model is not sustainable and the company cannot continue to accrue the level of losses it has been. At this point in the process, our main priority is to support and assist the employees through this difficult time.”

Hebridean Chocolates CIC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Third Sector Hebrides, which has, since its opening in 2009, underwritten the losses incurred since that point.

A spokesperson for Third Sector Hebrides added: “This is obviously a very disappointing announcement to have to make, but TSH as a charity is ultimately responsible for any deficits arising from its trading activities, and as such after lengthy discussions with the directors and management of Hebridean Chocolates, the charity was left with no option but to cease operations immediately. We join the directors and management of Hebridean Chocolates in saying that supporting the staff is and will remain the main priority.”