Health Inequalities Policy Review Commission

Health Inequalities Policy Review Commission

Neil Findlay MSP, Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health and Well-Being initiated a Health Inequalities Policy Review Commission in May 2014. Chaired by Dr David Conway of the Socialist Health Association, this review aims to go beyond health service reform and take a broader approach to preventing, reducing and reversing health inequalities.

The review is committed to undertake a series of community engagement exercises across the country listening to people who rarely have a say in policy development. They aim to make tackling health inequalities a top priority for the Scottish Labour Party and the country and hope to see:

1. Action on income and its links to health
2. Action on the inverse care law – improving equity of access to public and health services
3. Action to prioritise the early years
4. Action to reinvigorate community development
5. Action on public health legislation
(Further information and a VHS’s response here-

I have drafted the introduction around the impact of social enterprises on health inequalities and am looking for your perspectives and experiences with all or some of the following questions;

1. What is the character of health inequality in Scotland/your area? What do health inequalities mean/how are they manifested in the lives of communities and families across Scotland?
2. What role can health and other public services play in tackling health inequalities?
3. What can be done within current devolved arrangements to tackle health inequalities?
4. How could we use further devolved powers to help tackle health inequalities?
5. What mechanisms can be deployed to better join up policy and public services to tackle health inequalities?
6. What can be done to tackle the Inverse Care Law in health and other public services?
7. Is democratisation of health services important in tackling health inequalities?
8. How could community development efforts be better supported to tackle health inequalities?
9. How could resource allocation (this could be geographic and in other budget planning terms) to health and public services be re-allocated to tackle health inequalities?
10. Are there any specific policies, initiatives or research evidence from Scotland, UK or internationally that you know of that would help provide ideas in helping tackle health inequalities?
11. What other ideas/thoughts do you have to help assist in tackling health inequality in Scotland.

There is a deadline so would need responses by 9th June please.