Guidance set to turn groups into charities

Guidance set to turn groups into charities





Organisations that promote the voluntary sector for the benefit of the public will be recognised as charities under new guidance. The guidance, published last week by charities regulator the Charity Commission, sets out the criteria that will be used to decide whether such organisations are defined as charitable.


Among those organisations to be redefined as charitable will be local resource bodies coordinating black and ethnic minority voluntary groups, and organisations that help toaddress the needs of the voluntary sector as a whole.


Stephen Bubb, chief executive of the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations, described the new guidance as an ’eminently sensible change’.


He said: ‘It’s extremely good news. It has been difficult for organisations in that sort of role to prove they are charitable in themselves. This will make it much easier.’


Guidance Notes RR13 and RR14 can be viewed at


The charities Commission covers England and Wales. Scotland’s own legislative framework for charities in is currently under review with a bill due to go through the Parliament this session. The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR), formed earlier this year, has been conducting a consultation on this. The OSCR site is:


Last month the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations warned that the new draft of the Statement of Recommended Practice (Sorp) goes beyond its remit of interpretation of charity accounting rules and strays into regulation. It is worried that if the revised Sorp is adopted, it will mean that Scottish charities will be subject to English regulation.


SCVO warns on Charity regulation (15.10.04)


Source: Regeneration magazine