GSEN Network Meeting 16th August

GSEN hosted its networking session last week, which resulted in members (full, associate and aspiring) taking part in an exercise which identified ‘What do you need?’ and ‘What can you offer?’.  We were blown away by the response to this; 32 needs, 42 offers and 29 connections made as a result (not counting those made in the room).

There are some unmet needs and offers remaining and we’re wondering if the wider network can help out?   You’ll find a list below, if you can could help out a need or take up an offer in either column please get in touch and I’ll be happy to link you up!

What do you need? What can you offer?
  • To meet with a social enterprise to look at their successful permitted work scheme
  • To meet with a more established CIC to see how their finance/employment section works
  • To form new partnerships, new projects and new customers that tie in with health and wellbeing, developing young people and team building
  • Board Members
  • Participants to help me pilot my new Brand and Communication Workshops (A Free Brand Audit)
  • New Vans
  • To meet social enterprises thinking of starting a new project or activity
  • To meet social entrepreneurs not yet drawing a salary
  • To meet charities thinking about enterprise for the first time.


  • Affordable reused bikes
  • Experience in coaching in tennis
  • Outlet for recycled
  • Discounted printing (paper/banners/textiles)
  • Provide telecoms
  • Experiential Listening Skills
  • Pianos – working, scrap, dismantled, parts
  • Provide photocopiers
  • Stress Management/counselling/groupwork (free is you have a glasgow postcode)
  • Offer volunteering opportunities for young people with a learning disability
  • Film and Media workshops
  • Community Transport
  • Mobile cinema – viewing equipment
  • Paddlesports – teambuilding, qualifications, course, activities for health and Wellbeing
  • User experience of survey monkey, mailchimp, word press
  • Office desks (free)
  • Publications
  • Brand Strategy – visual design, copywriting, narratives
  • Volunteering opportunities – ebay position and sorting facility
  • Teams looking for an enjoyable activity
  • Temporary storage space
  • Free support workshops for parents with babies
  • Free Children’s essential items for vulnerable families



We also thought you’d be interested in the successful matches which included:


  • Video content
  • Storytelling support
  • Primary school cluster info
  • Graphic design
  • IT Support
  • Website support
  • Space for pop up shops/retail
  • Training/employability support
  • Info exchange on community heritage projects
  • Feasibility studies/business support/funding support/impact and evaluation
  • Exchange of wood and woodworking tools etc