GSEN Announcement

19th February 2020

It is with some sadness, both on a professional and personal level that I must announce, on behalf of the Board of GSEN that our long-standing, well-known and much respected Director, Elizabeth Docherty is moving on to fresh challenges.

Elizabeth saw the organisation through its transition to a fully independent charity and company, its growth from a “band of warriors” to the strong network of over 190 members.  She has been our public face in the corridors of power – diplomatically fighting our corner; she has been our chief organiser of hundreds of members meetings, focus groups and special interest groups covering all aspects and types of social enterprise.  She has met with every one of us, and has sent us probably thousands of emails sharing information and opportunities.  Truly a force which has contributed to where we stand today, recognised as the largest (and strongest) network of social enterprises in the country, with a record of innovation!

As we await confirmation of our core grant support from the Scottish Government through the Third Sector Interface partnership in Glasgow for the year beyond June 2020 the Board have decided to pause in the recruitment of a successor.  In the meantime, myself, Emma Soanes, with Betty Elliot, supported by other members of the Board will cover various aspects of the Director role following Elizabeth’s last day in March.

We will try and make this transition as smooth as possible, and rest assured we will be seeking an individual fit to fill these very big shoes and building on the fantastic legacy we have from Elizabeth’s eight busy years with us.  There are many things for us still to do, and connections to make between members, and beyond.

There will be further announcements in due course.


Mark McRitchie

Chair, on behalf of the Board of GSEN