Greener Leith

Greener Leith

It’s not often that you get an invite to attend a meeting with the Prime Minister, and the Deputy Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street. But thanks to a unlikely set of Twitter connections, Alastair Tibbitt, Development Manager for Greener Leith found himself sitting at the cabinet table in Number 10, alongside David Cameron, Nick Clegg, and a host of other voluntary sector agencies discussing the “Big Society”. Here’s his personal thoughts:

All the email said was, “The meeting will discuss how to build a ‘big society’ where families and communities are supported and strengthened; and how to make a reality of this vision by making sure that the big society is matched by big citizens.” That was it. Although I did discover on the way home that the Lib/Con coalition had released a three page outline of their Big Society plans on the same day to the press.

When you get to Downing Street, you have to pass through some airport style security, at the gate, but then I found myself pretty much left alone in the street, bar the odd press hack on the other side of the road. What to do? On TV that famous number 10 door just opens anytime someone important looks at it. Well, it didn’t do that for me. I had to ask a policeman, whilst simultaneously praying my slightly comical dithering wasn’t going to end up on ‘Have I Got News For You’. Needless to say the policeman quietly advised me to use the door knocker. Of course, I thought, you just knock on the door.

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