Green Party calling on the Scottish Government to #RenewLocalDemocracy

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Our vision is for an independent, green Scotland within the European Union. However, Scotland will never be a normal European country until it addresses the deficit in local democracy.

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Without renewed local democracy, Scotland will continue to have the most centralised local governance arrangements in Europe as well as some of the most limited fiscal autonomy of any European country. Currently, Scottish councils have control over only around 12 per cent of their tax income compared to nearer 50 per cent across most European countries.

That is why we have made it clear that reform of local government finance remains a pre-condition of any budget negotiations with the minority SNP Government.

The Greens are #LeadingTheChange for local democracy – please watch and share our video to help spread the message that it’s time for the Government to #RenewLocalDemocracy.

Many thanks

Andy Wightman MSP

Spokesperson on local government