Government ‘should aid legacy promotion drive’

Government ‘should aid legacy promotion drive’





The chairman of the Legacy Promotion Campaign, David Brann, has voiced his frustration at the lack of Government support for the campaign, compared with its backing for payroll giving.


Speaking to Third Sector at the launch of the campaign’s first TV advert last week, Brann said: ‘I hope that either the Government or the lottery will see that this is capacity building for the sector. If they supported the campaign, it would benefit every charity in this country.’


Legacies bring in £1.5bn a year to charities, but with just 14.3 per cent of wills including a legacy, there is huge potential for more. Brann said: ‘The Government gives millions to promote payroll giving, which is a smaller contributor.’


The only assistance the LPC has had from the Government was some office space at the government-funded Giving Campaign, but a Home Office spokesman said: ‘We are happy to talk with anybody about ways to support giving.’


The advert, fronted by Michael Buerk, was funded by member charities.


It shows Buerk talking about the state of the world over footage of the Ethiopian famine, the tsunami, a cancer patient and a lifeboat. He concludes: ‘I will leave the world a better place. Will you?’


With 134 members, the Legacy Promotion Campaign is believed to be the biggest charity coalition in the UK. The campaign’s director, Jonathan Parris, said the advert would also benefit non-LPC charities. ‘It is generic – a truly charitable campaign,’ he said.


Some LPC members were disappointed their charities weren’t represented in the film, but Parris said this was because Buerk was most associated with the developing world. 


Source: Third Sector magazine