Government responds to Social Enterprise Summit

Government responds to Social Enterprise Summit
Cabinet Office

The Office of the Third Sector has published the cross government response to the recent Social Enterprise Summit. It details the next steps for the four departments who’s Cabinet Ministers attended: Department for Communities and Local Government, the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (formerly BERR), the Department for Work and Pensions and the Cabinet Office. 

You can download a copy of the response here Social Enterprise Summit: Next steps

Angela Smith, Minister for the Third Sector, said “I am keen to push forward with our work to strength social enterprises through the recession, helping them to help others”

As part of the response, Peter Mandelson, Minister for Business Innovation and Skills said: “Government is committed to doing everything it can to support businesses that look beyond the balance sheet”.

His department has committed to working with OTS, the sector and others to find new ways to bring together promotion and support for social enterprise – to ensure new social entrepreneurs are inspired, and the support they need to see that inspiration through is there for them.

Endorsing this commitment, Rosie Winterton, Minster of State for Communities and Local Government added: “I am keen to do more to help social enterprises break down the barriers which prevent them from achieving their full potential”. In the response, CLG has committed to undertaking work in pilot areas to help identify remaining barriers to asset transfer and demonstrate how they can be removed.

DWP is also working with the sector to understand more about how social enterprises approaches can create and sustain jobs. Yvette Cooper said

“Social enterprises play a valuable role in employing people, particularly those who have been having real difficulties finding work elsewhere… We are now looking to Social Enterprise to come up with exciting innovative proposals that will make a real different to the lives of individuals and communities.”

Jonathan Bland, Chief Executive of the Social Enterprise Coalition said:

“The Social Enterprise Summit was a groundbreaking opportunity for social enterprise leaders and Government departments to work together, and it was a positive and productive meeting. We welcome the commitment from Government to create better conditions for social enterprises to thrive in, and we will work alongside the social enterprise movement to ensure that the Summit has a real impact.”