Goodbye SCSH – hello Homeless Action Scotland

Goodbye SCSH – hello Homeless Action Scotland
Homeless Action Scotland

Scottish Council for Single Homeless has become Homeless Action Scotland. Since 1974 SCSH has fought hard for the needs of single homeless people to be given the same priority as homeless families.

Just short of our 40th birthday, the abolition of ‘priority need’ at the end of 2012 saw the end of the need in Scotland to distinguish between single homeless people and others. It also signalled the beginning of the next exciting phase of action to prevent and alleviate homelessness.

Focussing on our revised vision:  ‘A Scotland where everyone has the home they require and all they need to sustain it,’ our aim is to build on the momentum from 2012 and to work with others to end preventable homelessness.

Our strategy builds on three key themes: sustainability, security and age.

So Homeless Action Scotland takes a broad and holistic approach to tackling homelessness. It recognises the importance not only of housing but also a range of related factors including support, social care, health, employability and social connection.

To mark the change of name and our new focus Homeless Action Scotland is holding its first conference on 18th April. The programme centres on the key issues that will affect homelessness over the next 12 months, with sessions on allocations and access to housing, the housing support requirement, ‘housing ready’ or ‘housing first’ and domestic violence.  Full programme can be found on our website.

Homeless Action Scotland CEO Robert Aldridge said: ‘The building blocks for action on homelessness are in place. Now is the time to build the momentum, to work together on better practices and ensure that the excellent progress made to date is further developed to end preventable homelessness in Scotland.’

The event is taking place on Thursday the 18th of April 2013 at the Carlton Hotel in Edinburgh.

To book a place at our event please go to our website  or alternatively please contact Louisa at or call us on 0131 337 8243.