Glenrothes Strollers: Supporting Their Community During Covid-19


Glenrothes Strollers are a community football club offering a range of activities for people of all ages and have a strong girls programme and successful Pan Disability squad for young people with a range of disabilities.

They have been incredibly busy responding to the Covid 19 crisis.  Face to face contact with their community went from daily to almost nothing and they immediately turned to virtual communications, through which they realised that the community needed support in a different way.

They started a community pantry to provide a source of free food for families in need.  They linked up with Glenrothes Area Residents Federation (GARF) in order to access a supply of food quickly.  They then contacted Morrisons who have helped with deliveries of various supplies on a weekly basis.  They have recently received a donation of a fridge freezer from Castle Furniture Project.

They have 6 volunteers who have manned the pantry which is placed outside their building at their grounds in Glenrothes. Over the last 8 weeks numbers of people in need have increased greatly and they are also now making regular deliveries for people without transport or are shielding at present.

Some of their volunteers are now also walking dogs for some of the more elderly residents who have been unable to get out.

Meanwhile, they are continuing to engage their members virtually in a variety of ways, including peer to peer fitness sessions which some of the young girls’ teams are now delivering to each other, while always looking at ways in which to support their community through more than just football.