Glasgow unveils bike hire scheme at 31 city locations

Glasgow unveils bike hire scheme at 31 city locations


A £600,000 initiative to offer 400 bikes for hire at 31 locations across Glasgow has been launched.


The Mass Automated Cycle Hire (Mach) scheme is also running at six temporary sites at Commonwealth Games venues.


Bike hire is on a membership or casual basis. Casual hire costs £1 per half hour capped at £10 for up to 24 hours.


Each bike has a four-digit code chain lock, a saddle with a theft protection device and GPS fitted to assist in locating any stolen cycles.


Annual membership costs £60 with hire free for the first 30 minutes and £1 an hour capped at £5 for up to 24 hours.


Customers are able to register online as a member or as a casual, or by telephone.


ID card


Once registered, they are provided with a login username, membership and personal identification number.


Annual subscribers are provided with a radio frequency identification card which can be swiped over the cycle’s on-board computer sensor to speed up the hire process.


The scheme, which was launched by Glasgow City Council leader Gordon Matheson and, allows as many as four bikes to be hired on one card.


Councillor Matheson said: "We have studied similar schemes across the world to ensure we give the people of Glasgow, and visitors, a cycle hire scheme that meets their needs and compliments their lifestyles.


"Hiring of the cycles will be quick, easy and user-friendly. The operation of the scheme will be made efficient through the use of tried and trusted technology, such as mobile phones.


"The scheme will play a key role in driving forward Sustainable Glasgow as it will lead to a reduction in carbon emissions, leading to an improvement in air quality and will give people ready access to a healthy method of travel."


Corporate membership


Mr Matheson said the council’s long-term aim was to "see cycling as the biggest participation activity in the city by 2020".


He added: "This is the latest step, in addition to the millions of pounds we’re investing on cycle routes across the city, to making Glasgow one of the UK’s most cycling friendly cities."


The scheme allows local businesses to sign up for a corporate membership to allow staff or customers access to the bikes for free.


The service is aimed at organisations looking to improve their green credentials, promote active transport and reduce use of cars for short, frequent journeys.


The Mach scheme is being run by NextBike, which operates 15,000 bikes in 80 city locations worldwide.


Glasgow Bike Station, the charity advocating mental and physical health through cycling as a means of transport, has won the contract to carry out all bike maintenance.