GHA ‘too hasty’ over control move

GHA ‘too hasty’ over control move 





A housing association’s decision to remove management powers from local tenants’ organisations has been criticised by the communities minister.


Malcolm Chisholm, who met Glasgow Housing Association officials, described its action as ‘precipitate’.


GHA said it had acted on legal advice and remained totally committed to transferring control of its stock of former council houses to local groups.


But tenants feared the decision would jeopardise the transfer.


GHA said renewal of the management contracts could have fallen foul of European procurement laws and that they could have exposed GHA and tenants’ organisations to legal challenge.


But Mr Chisholm described the action as ‘precipitate’ and said the executive had taken its own legal advice which he would discuss with the GHA.


GHA took control of more than 80,000 former council homes in 2003.


Source: BBC