Get Active Coaching

Get Active Coaching CIC are a new social enterprise promoting health and wellbeing through sport and exercise. We work within our community to ensure everyone has access to sport and exercise as we believe physical activity is vital for improving not only your physical well-being but also your mental wellbeing. This ethos is at the heart of every project and every session, allowing our members to feel included and have fun.

We are currently running two funded projects that aim to increase the provision of sport and exercise and improve wellbeing throughout our community. The first is an online exercise programme consisting of a variety of classes that are free to join so anyone in our community can get active no matter where they are. The second funded project allowed us to create and deliver 50 physical activity support packs across our area to support families by providing basic exercise equipment and resources to give them the tools they need to get active and feel better.

Contact Martin for more information.