Georgia Orphan Children Appeal

Dear Laurence,

There’s a big dark cloud on the horizon in Georgia. Worth a wee mention I would say, in terms of its implications for the big world order. I am working in a small village on a project there “Mamatsi Guli” to find families for orphanage children. Colin knows all about it. So does Aidan. The Georgians wanted to call the project ‘Heart of the Brave”. They wanted to develop Scottish georgian links-(2 small corners of Europe, with Clan systems, Ceilidh equivalent called Supra, traditional story and song and similar sized population…).
I got out of Georgia two days ago.

Our first Scottish young people with ‘fewer opportunities’- (ex psychiatric hospital patients) were going out as volunteers in Sept as volunteers. I got a little Scotland Unlimited money for that.

This morning the same village is full of families from Gori.I talked to some of them before I went.They re sleeping outside because we dont have roofs  over their heads.

Our project leader Gia’s kids are on holiday with their granny other side of the war zone. Can’t reach them.

The price of bread is now £5 a loaf.

Terrified families are still pouring in to our wee village.

Our project Administrator tried to get home to her kids-only way was through Gori. I rang her every half hour. Troops, lining the roadside taunted them,guns in faces, then in English, to see if there was a response. She got through.

‘I dont hate them, Madge. I dont even blame them. They’re only ordinary Russian guys following orders…’

The baby house in Tbilisi had 145 kids last time I looked. All lying in rows of cots.
No baby foster care yet-we were trying to develop it. Now they have a deluge of babies, shortage of food, and fewer staff. (The country has not yet mustered the resources to dismantle this piece of the Soviet legacy.) They’re naturally child centered people.

We have a charity bank account in Tbilisi already set up.



Georgia Orphan Children Appeal.


Please send your donations as a cheque made payable to “Ecologia Youth Trust  (marked ”Mamatsi Guli “ on the back.). Send to …. Ecologia Youth Trust, 66 The Park, Forres, Moray.IV36 3TD.


Or as a bank transfer to A/C 00210205 Sort Code 83-20-14., Royal Bank Of Scotland, Forres , Moray. IV36 3TD.

Please can you circulate this to people who can help..?



Madge Bray