Further support for the Third Sector

Further support for the Third Sector
The Scottish Government

Since the Fund opened for business at the end of January 2009, we have received 120 applications from 23 Local Authority areas across Scotland. Of these 37 have been assessed, and 23 of these have been successful. This means that we have now committed nearly £1.5m of direct investment into enterprising and innovative Third Sector organisations across Scotland.

Most applicants (81) are looking for less than £70k . This includes 7 applications to the Credit Union fund – this is £250k that we have set aside especially to help Credit Unions who may need smaller investments of between £2.5k and £25k to help them to develop. We hope that more Credit Unions will apply – they can of course apply to the main fund if they are looking for larger investment.

We have tried to make the application process as straightforward as possible for organisations, and have tried to make the application form simple and clear. It will help appraising officers to turn around applications quickly if applicants explain in the application form exactly what it is they are trying to achieve. Also applicants should assume that the person appraising their application probably doesn’t know anything about them, so please tell us as much as you can in the application! We want to make sure the money is invested as soon as possible, so please help us to do that by being clear about the outcomes for your organisation if you are successful in securing our investment.

We continue depend on intermediary and support organisations like Senscot, to raise awareness and promote the fund and encourage organisations to submit robust proposals.

Recent Enterprise Fund awards include:

   * Spruce Carpets, a Glasgow-based recycling business providing
     refurbished carpet at low cost to people on low income or those
     resettling after homelessness, which has been offered 99,620
     pounds from the enterprise fund.

   * Southern Uplands Partnership, which has been awarded 42,200 pounds
     from the enterprise fund to help its work raising the profile of
     the Southern Uplands

   * Go Country, which provides outdoor activities for disadvantaged
     groups in Renfrew and has been offered 93,495 pounds to extend its

   * Scottish Sports Futures, which promotes the importance of attitude
     and fitness to young people in Inverness, Aberdeen, Dundee,
     Stirling, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Renfrewshire and has been offered
     91,088 pounds;

   * Streetwork, which provides crisis support to young people sleeping
     outdoors in Edinburgh city centre and has been offered 100,000

   * Falkland Heritage Trust, an environmental organisation which has
     been offered 66,096 pounds;

   * Glasgow-based Penilee Credit Union which has been offered 13,644

Izzie Johnstone, CEO of Spruce Carpets, said:

‘Spruce is delighted to receive this investment.  It will resource the much needed development of our services, products and allows us to grow our recycling business.’

Flora McDowall, Project Officer with the Southern Uplands Partnership, said:

‘We are very pleased to have been awarded this significant grant from the Scottish Government.  The Southern Uplands Partnership is now in a position to take forward longstanding plans to develop a low carbon demonstration unit, provide quality office space and, ultimately, generate a sustainable, grant free income stream.’

James Stevenson, Manager of Penilee Credit Union, said:
‘The grant will help us provide more effective service to our members and ensure that all members’ data is secure, it will also improve our overall efficiency and meet our service objectives in a professional manner.’

Ian Reid, CEO and Founder of Scottish Sports Futures, said:

‘This new Government initiative will enable us to look at ways of diversifying our income streams. In particular we will be inviting the active participation of the private sector in developing the scope and reach of our programmes and together helping build a Safer, Stronger and Healthier Scotland.’

Here’s a link to all the information about the Fund and the application process: http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/People/15300/funding/enterprising-skills-fund