Funds available for ‘greening’ community projects

Funds available for ‘greening’ community projects





Community groups interested in greening their local environment may be able to benefit from the Central Scotland Forest Community Projects Fund – closing date is Friday July 30.


The fund, operated by Central Scotland Forest Trust, is open to any formally constituted group within West Lothian, Falkirk, North Lanarkshire and parts of South Lanarkshire and East Dunbartonshire local authority areas planning to improve their local environment to the benefit of the wider community.


Eligible projects can be wide ranging and could include creating sensory or wildlife gardens, landscaping memorial cairns, maintaining woodlands or village nature parks, planting wildflower meadows or roadside verges, tree planting or woodland maintenance, encouraging local arts and craft activities, organising events, improving school grounds, designing promotional or interpretation material, building pathways or the maintenance of previous work carried out.


The maximum amount to be awarded per group is £250, with no match funding required. The award was previously run in March 2003 where 49 community groups received money from a total fund of just over £14,000. For details, see the website,  or phone 01501 822015.


Source: TFN