Your Place, Your Priorities Fund – Stirling

Stirling Council, as part of their locality planning processes, has been successful in securing £65,000 to distribute to community groups, from the Scottish Government’s community choices fund. They have matched the grant, creating a fund of £130,000 for community groups, to enable them to deliver activities throughout Stirlingshire

The Your Place, Your Priorities initiative allows the local community to decide which projects are needed and should be funded in their area.

Any local community, voluntary or non-profit groups can apply to this fund – even informal groups. Funding of £500 to £10,000 is available to put each idea into action. Informal groups should seek the support of a formal group which is willing to hold the grant award in its bank account and manage payments as the project is delivered. All activities will have to happen in areas of Stirling and benefit local people.


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