Opportunities for Young People Grant Funding

The Opportunities for Young People Grant Funding has been allocated to support the delivery of informal opportunities for young people in Aberdeenshire’s communities. 

Non-affiliated community based constituted organisations and groups are invited to apply for funding to support provision of youth spaces, clubs, drop-ins, and activities which give young people a safe environment to express themselves, have fun and build positive relationships with others.

Organisations will be asked to provide evidence of local need, costed programme outlines, expected outcomes and how they will monitor their activities. Aberdeenshire’s Community Learning & Development Service will consider applications and most awards will be up to a maximum of £5000.

In exceptional circumstances, an award of up to £10,000 may be agreed. Additional information/ business case would be required to support any application above £5,000.

It is recognised that programmes may receive matched funding through other sources. Deadline is 26th January 2018. See 3 attachments for full details. Enquiries to Clare Taylor-Brown Clare.taylor-brown@aberdeenshire.gov.uk