Funding windfall for Highland celebration

Funding windfall for Highland celebration


Hundreds of Highland school children will have the opportunity to take part in cultural activities to mark Highland 2007.

Culture Minister Patricia Ferguson announced this weekend that Highland Council will have £125,000 to implement ‘The Highland Promise’, the first project spearheading the development of cultural entitlements across Scotland’s local authorities.

This funding form the Scottish Executive boosts £540,000 already earmarked for ‘The Highland Promise’ by Highland Council and other public sector partners. This is part of a Scotland wide celebration of Highland culture next year – Highland 2007.

In January, the Minister outlined plans in the Scottish Parliament to invest an extra £20 million per year from April 2007 to nurture and promote the best creative and cultural talent.

Ms Ferguson proposed a fresh policy of ‘cultural rights’ for every citizen to access high quality provision and promised to take forward plans on cultural entitlements. Speaking on Saturday ahead of a visit to Ullapool she said the ‘Highland Promise’ embodies aims outlined in January, to promote and encourage greater participation in Scotland’s cultural life.

‘Highland Council will deliver an exciting and diverse programme of activities, offering unique opportunities for young people to become engaged in the distinctive culture of the Highlands.’

Alison Magee, Chair of Highland 2007 and Convenor of Highland Council explained: “The Highland Promise is a reflection of Highland 2007’s commitment to young people and the desire to give them the opportunity to decide what culture means to them. It gives them choices about joining in the celebrations next year and how they feel culture should be represented.’

Highland 2007 is a partnership between three principal funding agencies: The Highland Council, The Scottish Executive and Highlands and Islands Enterprise. So far, that Executive has provided financial support of approximately £15m for Highland 2007.

Source: Scottish Executive