Fully Funded Learning for the Higlhands and Islands

Fully Funded Learning for the Higlhands and Islands
Social Enterprise Academy

Thanks to an ESF (European Social Fund) grant which is being matched by the Scottish Government and Highlands & Islands Enterprise, the Social Enterprise Academy can now offer fully funded leadership and management programmes and modules to those employed by social enterprises based in the Highlands & Islands.

To support this exciting effort and opportunity the Academy has appointed Nicola Welsh as Programme Manager for the area and is opening an office in Inverness with the creation of 1.5 jobs to support learners. Their network of associate tutors, 8 of whom are based in the Highlands & Islands, will continue to deliver the learning in locations that will make it far easier for those in remote communities to access.
This is an extremely exciting development and expansion of the Academy’s work of developing excellence in leadership and management in the social economy.  Please contact nicola@theacademy-ssea.org for further details.

Scottish Government’s Press Release (http://www.scotland.gov.uk/News/Releases/2008/04/10102531)