Firstport’s new venture – FirstImpact

Author – Josiah Lockhart (CEO)

Good Afternoon,

I hope you are well. I wanted to send a quick message to update you on Firstport’s new trading arm FirstImpact which formally opens its doors today.
Although we are going to take our time launching it over the next few months and won’t be doing launch for a little while, from today we are going to being responding to enquiries and referrals to work with and support early-stage companies who are NOT social enterprises, but are struggling to embed impact and a mission in their business and maintain a profitable model.

In the long run, there are a number of other initiatives that will open over the next 12 months, but it was partially set up to support the 30%+ of individuals who request support from Firstport but are unable to use the social enterprise model, this is a service that already has a growing list of requests.

This service is intended to not replace other programmes out there and not to be a space to inspire entrepreneurs to decide to embed impact, but instead, a follow on service once they are ready and have started or are just about to start. Although there will be some free services in the future, this is a fee-based service. Hopefully, you are familiar with Firstport’s skill set and understand what we do throughout our other programmes, and our ability to study the plethora of models across the 1100+ ideas per year who come to us and apply them to new enterprises.

Megan Veronesi will be joining Firstport’s team on 15 April and will be handling enquires for this service. If you want to send anyone our way in the meantime, please forward them directly to me.

Although we won’t be advertising this for a wee while, we are more than happy for you to point people in our direction if you think it is appropriate.

Best Wishes,

Josiah Lockhart
Chief Executive – Firstport
Chair – FirstImpact

7 Montgomery Street Lane, Edinburgh EH7 5JT
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