First UK Earthship launched in Fife

First UK Earthship launched in Fife




Paula Cowie of Sustainable Communities Initiative reports on the recent triumphant launch of the environmentally friendly house.


[from SCI Autumn Bulletin, September 2004]



The Earthship Visitor Centre is now open to the world and being cheerily manned (or should that be woman-ed?) 5 days a week by Joeann who started work for us in July. She usually closes on Mondays & Tuesdays but its worth checking the website first if you are coming a long way.  Tours cost £3 per adult (children are free except if in a school group) and last 45 minutes – 1 hour depending on how many questions you ask. Do tell your friends about it. We welcome schools, colleges, staff development groups, community interest groups et


Also in the Earthship we have videos showing, merchandise for sale, and will be moving SCI’s library down there soon for visitors to browse. Pride of place on the merchandise stall is the Earthship Communities Toolkit, now complete and full of 4 years worth of learning.  A must for anyone would-be eco-builder interested in Earthships, setting up community and autonomous living. It’s well received at £18, and with a video available as an accompaniment in October the package is £30. You can also buy these on our website.


For those of you who missed the launch it was truly a great success.  Between 800 – 1000 visitors attended, basked in glorious sunshine, fed yummy organic food by Pillars of Hercules and the Engine Shed. Fraoch  supplied the very popular heather ale, which was sipped around the  musician quarter as a great variety of bands and performers shared their  repertoires with us all. I didn’t hear much of them myself but everyone   has told me they were really good.


Holly Trevett (age 4) stood by Alastair McIntosh patiently as he gave a poignant and warm speech to welcome the Earthship to Scotland’s communities and our line of MSPs (Robin Harper, Sarah Boyack, Mark Ruskell and Shiona Baird) contributed in an inspiring and heartfelt way. Holly’s snip of the ribbon was then echoed by 3 loud cheers from a sea of faces smiling the Earthship into our lives. It was a blurry moment for me!


Everyone is asking what next? It’s a good question……


No, I’m not retiring yet, there is still is much to do! Generic  acceptance of residential Earthships across Scotland first please and  oh, the small matter of the 6-12 Earthships we will hopefully start  building next year (its looking good folks!). ZWAZE is next – the Zero  Waste Zero Energy Community that local authorities will be falling  over themselves to adopt. Watch this space as they say!


Thanks so much for all your support and enthusiasm up to this point, it has helped us get this far. Please stick around, keep those membership fees coming in and spread the word wherever you can. If you know of any outlets, either physical or electronic that would be interested in  selling the Toolkit please let us know.


Until the next one,

Very best wishes






Paula Cowie

Project Manager

Sustainable Communities Initiatives

Kinghorn Loch





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