Families challenged to do Christmas Dinner for under £25

Fancy a challenge? Dab hand at cooking on a budget? Community Food SEN member Libertie Project is challenging families to pull off their Christmas Day dinner – for under £25.

The initiative is part of Libertie Project’s digital challenge, which aims to help families reduce their weekly food spend. Utilising online deals and getting tech savvy are among the tactics being promoted by the campaign.

Competition entrants must put on a main event meal, plus drinks, for 2-4 people, along with table decorations and a festive activity.

Bonus points are awarded for managing to include breakfast, snacks, gifts – and anything sparkly.

Four categories are available to participants, with the winners of each category rewarded with a New Year hamper. Entrants can plump for Family Dinner; Veggie Christmas; Gluten or Dairy Free Christmas; or Student Christmas.

All entries must be:

  • researched online only
  • submitted online by 5pm on 20 December 2018
  • accompanied by a digital photograph and shopping list
  • emailed to xmasfor25@outlook.com

The winning entries will be notified in an email by 30 December 2018.

All winning and runner up entries to the Christmas for £25 Online Challenge will be published and shared on social media and newsletters. Entrants are advised to use the #xmasfor25 hashtag for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts.