Fab Pad National Exhibition

Fab Pad National Exhibition
Impact Arts

Fab Pad , a nationally recognised and proven model for tenancy sustainment, has supported  over 3000 vulnerable tenants to transform their new tenancy and make a home they want to live in sinc e 1999. Our unique combination of inspirational and accessibly interior design, skills training and employability support has made a significant impact in the reduction of repeat homelessness, and is now being developed as a model of best practice to be replicated across  the UK.

Impact Arts has  joined  forces with a number of it  key housing association partners in Scotland  to highlight the and celebrate the potential of how homes can be transformed on a low budget through inspirations, creativity, recycling  and hard graft!

During February and March we are  transforming  void properties which require  minor refurbishment  into beautiful homes. These will be open to the public , housing officers and other agencies for  between 1 and 4 weeks. Workshops and events will be held in each flat, and as well as providing all those who come along with inspiration and ideas, our housing partners will be left with instantly lettable homes for new tenants to move into.

See full information http://senscot.org/docs/FabPadNationalExhibition2011.pdf