Excerpt from Scottish Investment Fund Document

Excerpt from Scottish Investment Fund Document


The Scottish Investment Fund is not for all organisations – we envisage significant investments in around 60-80 organisations over the period 2008-2011.  We will be targeting those that are “investment ready” and can make a strong contribution to our aims for Scotland.  


Criteria for Investment 1 – Contribution to Scottish Government strategic priorities for Scotland


Scottish Government has five strategic priorities.  These are to make Scotland wealthier and fairer, smarter, healthier, safer and stronger, and greener.  Organisations must demonstrate how they contribute to one or more of these strategic priorities.  In many cases third sector organisations contribute to these objectives in a multiple way, for example recycling organisations that also contribute to employability.


In addition, because we believe the third sector has a particular role in working with some of Scotland’s most disadvantaged people and communities we will target our investment in organisations that provide opportunities for all to contribute to Scotland’s sustainable growth.   In doing this we recognise and will invest in the holistic person-centred approach the third sector is able to bring to achieving social equity in sustainable economic growth.  This could include working with young people who have not had the chances their peers have had in life; tackling the underlying causes of health inequality including sustained unemployment, homelessness and low income and providing opportunities for people with a disability or other disadvantage to enter the labour market.


Criteria for Investment 2 – Development of organisational, capacity, capability and financial sustainability


The fund will aim to secure a transformational step change in an organisation’s capacity, capability and financial sustainability.  The fund will invest in activities that will build this in areas such as operations, marketing and business development, governance and financial controls.   The fund will also be able to invest in buildings and plant and machinery.  Investment will be targeted at organisations that can demonstrate the investment will build their organisational capability and capacity to contribute to the Scottish Government priorities and develop their financially sustainability in the future either through business growth and increasing their turnover or through making their established business sustainable and able to contribute over the long-term.