“We are all screwed up and that’s okay!” Learning Take Away Workshop

“We are all screwed up, and that’s ok!”

From this perspective we can start to look to make change happen. If you can “Think it then you can change it”…..

Dawn Walton offers this interesting insight from her practitioner perspective as a Cognitive Therapist and her mission in life is to help people with their behavioural difficulties. She has a wealth of experience under her belt enabling others to make change happen and her Ted Ex talk explores the boundaries of keeping good mental health and surviving the everyday.

Find more on  information about her practice on her website: https://www.thinkitchangeit.com/

This workshop is suitable for those who wish to gain insight into understanding common blocks associated with mental health issues such as depression/anxiety/ low confidence and looking at the cognitive bias that influences our limiting self behaviours such as procrastination, self doubt and self sabotage.

This workshop will be useful to those who work in mental health or support services, or have an interest to further learning for personal development to support others or for self help and care.

Learning Takeaways

What you will take away from this workshop:

Quick fix strategies for overcoming self doubt, anxiety, low confidence

Motivators to enable the change you want to happen

Access to free and practical resources to help you navigate online self help tools

Practical tips for freeing yourself of rigid thinking patterns

Positive Self talk

Environment and Costs

Friendly group learning environment

Cost – £30 per head plus a copy of her book to take away + tea/coffee included Duration 1.5hrs

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The Circle

The Circle
4-6 Staffa Place

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