Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid

Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid Friday

Becoming a First Aider, knowing how to respond in different situations is an essential skill. Many organisations are training staff in how to be Mental Health First Aiders, able to provide a clear and compassionate response to colleagues or customers, friends and service users. This NHS accredited two day course takes you through learning about what to do for different types of mental distress such as depression, panic attacks, self harm and psychosis. The course prepares participants for how to ask about suicide, how the recognise the signs of mental health problems or distress, how to provide initial help, and how to guide a person towards appropriate professional help. Much more importantly the course also enables you to learn how to get beyond the stigma lack of understanding that so often blocks staff from responding well. At the end of the course you receive an NHS certificate as a First Aider.

This event’s second day is 14th September 9.30am – 4.30pm.

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This event finished on Fri 14th Sep 2018