Rural SEN

Rural SEN event to provide space for rural social entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, and share learning. At this upcoming meeting, we will discuss the guidance around reopening, and ensuring the safety of volunteers, staff, and customers. We will also discuss scope to support virtual Learning Exchanges to learn from each other. As always, there will be an open floor for you to raise issues, share information, and ask questions. The next Rural SEN meeting will take place on Tuesday 30th June at 14:00, and you can register here.

At our last meeting, we discussed the importance of localism, and recognising the vital role that community organisations and rural social enterprises have played in responding to local needs during the Covid-19 crisis. Since then, a number of reports have been published which highlight the essential role played by community organisations in delivery of support and as partners with local and national government (Community Land ScotlandSenscot, and Locality). You can find the notes from the last meeting here.

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