Mental Health & Employability: Creating Supportive Workplace Opportunities

Please join us at this informal discussion session, organised by Senscot, Fife SEN and Social Firms Scotland.

Fife Voluntary Action led on the Delivering Differently research project, an 18 month review of mental health and employability in Fife; aiming to improve employment outcomes for people with mental health problems in the area.

The research identified that, for some people, there is a critical need for opportunities within supportive business environments where there is additional resource and trained staff to help people engage in meaningful activity, gain confidence and a sense of purpose. These opportunities will be both a stepping stone, or for some, a destination in its own right.

As we know Social Firms/enterprises across Fife and Scotland offer this supportive, inclusive environment for people who face significant barriers to employment. This discussion session will explore how to create a supportive workplace and the range of opportunities to meet the diversity of interests and needs of people coming through services.

We will also hear from FVA about the Delivering Differently research findings and from social enterprise practitioners about how they create workplaces that offer that stepping stone provision on a person’s employability pathway.

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Fife Voluntary Action

Fife Voluntary Action
16 East Fergus Place

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